Litec PCA0 Plotter

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The Litec PCA0 Plotter plots the behavior of the PCA0 counter and the corresponding pulse width modulated output, under ideal conditions for the Intel C8051 microprocessor.

Field Descriptions:

How to use:
  1. Upon loading, the plotter will default to using the system clock on the full counting range of 0-65535, with a compare value of 32768, to produce a duty cycle of approximately 50%.
  2. Set the PCA0 Start Value field to start the counter at a desired number to allow the counting range to be shortened.
  3. Set the PCA0 Compare Value field to change where the rising edge of the PWM output occurs in the counting range.
  4. Set the desired system clock to produce a signal with the correct period.
  5. Click the Graph button to plot the new output waveforms.
  6. The period, frequency, and duty cycle fields will automatically change to display the results from the newly drawn waveforms.