This section contains different things that I have found on the Web relating to Amateur Radio.

These are some cool tools that I have found on the internet:

Repeater Database Search Form

Callsign Database

Online Callbook Service (telnet)

The following is the latest version of the FCC Part 97 Rules governing Amateur radio. It is supposed to be current as of Aug 1, 1994.

  1. FCC Part 97(part 1)
  2. FCC Part 97(part 2)
  3. FCC Part 97(part 3)
  4. FCC Part 97(part 4)

These are different Home Pages of Different Amateur Radio clubs on the Internet

This page is maintained by Aniket Patel (N2WPG) if you know of others please email me at

W2SZ Amateur Radio Club at RPI.

The FCC Home Page.

DKOTUI's Amateur Radio Web Site at Technical University of ILmenau.

Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club Home Page

Ham Site at Manchester Computing Centre

The Amateur Radio Web Server

Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club Home Page

W6YX Stanford Amateur Radio Club Home PageXS

Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment Home Page (main)

An Very cool place for HAMS

Brown Radio Club WWW Home Page

A fellow Ham's (F5JTL/WX3W) Home Page

Ham World-Wide Web Virtual Library

The Amateur Radio page in Einet Galaxy.

The Shortwave/Radio Catalog

Columbia University Amateur Radio Club (W2AEE).

University of Maryland Amateur Radio Association (W3EAX).