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Since 1911*, W2SZ has been a place where students enjoy the challenges and satisfaction of Amateur Radio. Whether you would like to build radios, climb towers, send data over the air, bounce signals off the moon, send morse code overseas, participate in contests, hike up mountains and look for radio signals, or just 'hang out' on the repeater in the evenings, this is the club for you. New FCC restructuring makes it easier than ever to become an amateur radio operator (ham), and new technology makes it increasingly fun and exciting. The club offers training for those with no radio experience, as well as leadership and learning opportunities for those already licenced.

Ham radio is a hobby that is easy to get involved in, and will last a lifetime. It is said that there is no place in the continential US where a ham cannot find a repeater. Most communities have clubs as well as repeaters for all levels of amateur operators. In emergencies, hams often provide vital communication, saving the lives of both hams and non-hams. W2SZ has a repeater which members can access from as far as 50 miles away sometimes. We also have an autopatch which allows members to make local phone calls from the repeater for free. There is no need to purchase your own equipment while still a student. The club equipment will allow you to explore this wonderful hobby without a financial burden.

W2SZ is a good club for students to be involved with, because of the flexibility of time committment. While there are always ample opportunities for involvement, studying should always come first. Many student clubs have numerous meetings and required activities which W2SZ does not have. Freshmen and other students who are trying to figure out just how much extra time they have, will find the club to be inviting and relaxed, yet there will be plenty of exciting things to do when boredom strikes.

* = See Rensselaer Magazine March 1991 issue.