Welcome to the W2SZ, RPI ARC, home page.

W2SZ is the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Amateur Radio Club. It is located at 6 Sunset Terrace in Troy, NY. W2SZ currently supports two cross-linked repeaters on 146.82(-) and 224.42(-). We have recently added to this list a machine on 443.00(+) which will be fully coordinated at the end of its verification period. A new Cushcraft repeater antenna was added to this machine, and some adjustments were made to the receiver to compensate. It should cover fairly well now.

Meetings occur every first Saturday of the month at the shack, but people can be found there almost every Saturday (after 3pm). There are a great many projects to be undertaken, such as: working on the satellite station, working on the HF antennae, and individual member projects. Or you can just come up and hang out at the shack and enjoy the company of fellow hams. Even if you are not a ham, but have some interest in Amateur Radio or electronics, you are more than welcome to stop by.

Here are some other things of use about the club:

  • W2SZ Club Information - a little background on the club
  • The latest club update for those wondering if we'll write another newsletter.
  • Map to W2SZ shack
  • Projects Zed has done or is doing
  • Zed's equipment, towers, and shack info.
  • Access the club's Usenet newsgroup
  • UALR's radio club and kick-butt callsign server. It's updated almost daily!
  • An early history of WRPI, which includes info about the early years of W2SZ.
  • The Blessed Membership list. Listing all of the active, and some of the past members of Zed.
  • Mail some people (i.e. the officers) in the club
  • The Blessed Constitution
  • License exam info
  • W2SZ Fire Alarm
  • OLD Shack Photos
  • Some links to other pages (mostly members' pages)
  • The BARC page. Local exams and useful info.

  • Sarex -Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
  • Other Collegiate Ham Radio Clubs
  • UNYREPCO - Upper New York Repeater Council
  • North East Weak Signal Group Click here for a picture of the: Mt. Greylock Expeditionary Force (MGEF)

    This page perpetually under construction. For comments, suggestions, contributions, complaints, gripes, or recommendations, email us!

    W2SZ Webmaster:

    Joel Glickman (glickj@rpi.edu)

    Last update: 19 Sept, 1999