W2SZ - Latest Update

  • 443 coordination

    The 443.000 (+) repeater is currently awaiting full coordination from UNYREPCO. Assuming all goes well during this "verification" period (e.g. we do not interfere with any coordinated repeaters) the repeater will soon be officially coordinated.

  • satellite station

    After a large amount of planning Zed's satellite station is finally a reality. Thanks to the efforts of KA1PRT, KD3NC, and KE4VYZ during spring break, the antennas were mounted and the station set up. Now the analog birds have been worked, and even some digital data received from a PACSAT.

  • 443 ant and adjustments

    A new Cushcraft 70cm repeater antenna was put on the tower to replace the sagging 1/4 wave PVC-and-wire vertical. Though not the best available, the new antenna has significantly more gain than the old one, and subjects the repeater to more QRM. The receiver squelch was adjusted accordingly by Dave Page, and in the process some of its sensitivity problems were improved and new ones discovered. :(

  • 82 repeater desense problems

    The 146.82 (-) repeater is suffering from fairly severe desense problems (~10dB). This situation is apparently exacerbated by the ATV transmitter at the same antenna height, and possibly a recent thunderstorm somehow. The problem lies in the feedline or antenna (not the receiver), so it should be simple to determine the source of the problem.

  • june contest

    The June VHF/microwave contest went quite well despite the poor weather and a dead TWTA for 10GHz narrow. W2SZ/1's unofficial score was the 3rd highest in history at over 1.5 million points.

  • tribander

    The HF triband antenna has been moved from the phone pole at the head of the driveway to the far phone pole by the gardens. The reason for this move was partly to scare off the married students who use the garden and seem to be encroaching on our space, partly to make room for VHF and UHF antennas on the near pole where feedline loss won't be a problem, and partly to maintain use of all our available lawn space so it does not get reclaimed by RPI for one nefarious project or another.

  • C band satellite

    KD3NC's C band satellite dish is now permanently installed atop the hill, providing a reliable NASA downlink during shuttle missions. The dish will no longer need to be aimed by hand so it will be easier to switch between the AMSAT net and NASA Select. The ATV transmitter (antenna on the 120' tower) is rebroadcasting the NASA Select feed during shuttle missions.

  • uWave link

    Well, the 10GHz link project has come back to life despite all the procrastination efforts of N1IHA. Initial bringup and test of the boards has started. The LOs are working as well as the transmitters. Hopefully the link will be installed sometime during the fall 96 semester.

  • t-shirts

    W2SZ t-shirts have been made thanks to KB2RQW. If there is enough interest, more batches can be ordered, so contact Joan Warren.

  • sinking building

    The new shack has sunk an inch or so on it's cheap footings. The result is a crumpled skirt in many places and an inoperable shop door. Quoth Brett Mellor in reference to the RPI Union, "I told you so." Many empty promises have been made by the administration to get the building jacked up and shimmed, but no action yet. Surprise.

  • hamfest

    The attempted hamfest had to be cancelled due to lack of interest. The Mt. Beacon club's fest was held the same day and no other dates were possible choices for us. Next year, a larger effort will be put towards promoting the Zed hamfest as a possible yearly event. An early start will probably go a long way.

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