System Requirements and Installation

The simulator is written in JAVA and requires a system with a Java interpreter and a display resolution of at least 800x600. A Java runtime environment (JRE) of at least version 1.1.7 is required. Simulation executes at about 1/10 real-time on a Pentium-II, 400MHz system. On the slowest Pentium, it would be about 1/100 real-time, which should be acceptable. Java requires a 32 bit operating system, and won't run under Windows 3.x or MS/DOS.

Using the Java Runtime Environment

Download the JRE from Sun's web site, the Windows version on this CD (if supplied) or where available for your operating system.

Unzip the simulator into the folder (directory) you will be using. Run the simulator with the command line:

jre -cp SimHC12.jar SimHC12

The program RUNSIM.BAT can be used to run the program from the command line to save typing.

If you have installed Java versions 1.2 or later, you need to execute the following command:

java -jar SimHC12.jar

or you can launch the simulator from the Windows Explorer ("My Computer") by double-clicking on the icon for the file SimHC12.jar. The RUNSIM.BAT file will not work with Java 1.2 or later without modification.

The simulator can also be started with several command line options.