File Menu


Brings up a dialog to select and load Motorola S19 format files.


Resets the "processor" to power-up state. Only memory affected is the internal RAM, which is initialized to repeated copies of $BE $AD $FA $CE to represent the unknown power up state. (Note that if the simulator is run in Student Mode or Requested Mode, the RAM memory is not initialized.) This command should be performed after loading the S19 file(s).


By default, the simulator logs certain actions to the console. This menu item brings up a dialog to select a file to store all logged actions. If an existing file is selected, its contents is first erased.

Use Console

Restores logging to the console. Note that the "console" is either the command window if JRE is used, or is the "Java Console" if a browser is used to start the simulator. You must enable the Java Console in order to see it. This is done from the "Java Plug-in Control Panel" on the Windows Start Menu.


This check-able menu item causes writes to Chip Select enabled locations to be logged. The log entries show the action (such as "CSW0"), time in internal E-clocks, and both the decimal and hexadecimal locations and values.


Exit the simulator. Nothing is saved.