Routing Overhead in Variable Topology Networks


PI: A. Abouzeid


Funding: NSF


Synopsis of the Project:


This project is developing mathematical analysis leading to fundamental understanding of the performance limits and design principles of routing protocols in variable topology networks, in particular related to the routing overhead as a key parameter of interest.


We have developed mathematical models of proactive routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc networks. Treating the topology as a physical system exhibiting random (topology) changes induced by the underlying mobility model, we relate the routing overhead to the entropy rate of the system. The results thus far apply to the class of proactive routing protocols. Results for other classes of protocols are being developed, by differentiating between the subset of changes that are relevant to each.


We have also derived a scalability result for reactive routing protocols overhead in unreliable networks, by first quantifying the relation between the routing overhead and the route-request/reply patterns, and hence finding the conditions for infinite scalability (i.e. overhead grows as O(1) with the size of the network).







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