Introduction (last updated 09/05/2017)

  • Computer Vision by Wikipedia
  • Vision Databases, codes, publications, and conferences
  • Computer vision text books and etc..
  • Computer vision courses at other institutions
  • Computer vision courses
  • Matrix Reference including Matrix Calculus
  • Image Formation (last updated 09/19/17)

    Perspective Projection Geometry (last update, 9/15/17)

    Camera Calibration and Pose Estimation (last update, 10/17/17 )

    Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab

    Introduction to Linear Algebra

    The Matrix Cookbook

    SVD and its Application for Solving A System of Linear Eqs

    The RANSAC Algorithm

    3D Reconstruction (last updated 12/7/17)

    Active Stereo
    Shape from (de)focus
    Learning and Visualizing Epipolar Geometry
    Epipolar and the Fundamental Matrix
    The 8-Point Algorithm
    Haratley's data normalization method
    Horn's paper on computing the relative orientation from the essential matrix.
    Tutorial on Rectification of Stereo Images
    Summary of Chapters 6 and 7 of the text book

    Motion (last updated 12/12/17)

    Materials on motion and image sequence analysis
    Optical Flow Algorithms Evaluation
    Kalman Filtering

    Feature Extraction (last updated 12:16pm, 12/05/2017)

    Edge Detection

    Corner Detection

    SIFT Detection

    Line and Curve Detection with Hough Transform

    Object Detection and Recognition (last update 11:00 am, 12/12/17)

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