The type of the final project may be one of the followings (but is not limited to): a survey or review paper, an implementation of an existing algorithm, a performance characterization of some existing techniques, and an improvement of the existing techniques. Students should consult with the instructor as early as possible on the topics of the final project. The project grade of a student will be primarily based on an oral presentation, a written report, and the source code if applicable. The report should have a minimum length of 10 pages including an introduction, literature review, problem statement, details of the proposed approach, performance evaluation of the proposed approach, and finally a conclusion. Each student is expected to turn in a project report by the end of the semester. No late reports will be accepted under normal circumstance. The source code should be well documented and should be deposited in a designated area. Two criteria I use to evaluate students' project proposal. First, it shall relate to what you have learned in class. Specifically, it shall either apply the knowledge learned in class or expand it. Second, your need explicitly state the scope of work, based on which I will evaluate your work.