ECSE 6610 Pattern Recognition

Final Project


Your Course Final Project:

Your class project is an opportunity for you to explore in-depth an interesting machine learning theory or application.  Projects can be done by you as an individual, or in teams of two students.  Your project will be worth 15% of your final class grade, and will have 3 deliverables:


1.      Proposal: 1 page (10%) due April 29th

2.      Final Report (including the source code): 8 pages (60%) due May 12th

3.      Presentation: (30%) due May 13th 


Note that all write-ups in the form of a ICML format (8 pages maximum including references). The page limits are strict! Papers over the limit will not be considered. Samples of ICML papers and the templates for both Word and Latex may be download from here. No late reports will be accepted under normal circumstance.


Possible Final Project Topics:

The type of the final project may be one of the followings (but is not limited to): a survey or review paper, an implementation of an existing algorithm, and an improvement or extension of the existing techniques. All final projects should closely relate to this class. Specifically, it shall either apply the knowledge learned in class or extend it. Students should consult with the instructor as early as possible on the topics of the final project.


Project Proposal:

You must turn in a brief project proposal (1-page maximum).  Read the list of the potential project ideas below.  Project proposal should be one page maximum and include the following information:

         Project title

         Project idea.  This should be approximately two paragraphs.

         Dataset you will need to use.

         Papers to read.  Include 1-3 relevant papers.  You will probably want to read at least one of them before submitting your proposal

         Teammate: will you have a teammate?  If so, whom?  Maximum team size is two students. Specify the role of each teammate.

         Deliverables-describe what you expect to accomplish and the specific deliverables as well as the scope of this project.


Final Report:

Your final report is expected to be a 8-page report following the ICML format. It should roughly have the following format:

         Introduction - Motivation

         Problem definition

         Related Work

         Proposed method

o    Intuition - why should it be better than the state of the art?

o    Description of its algorithms


o    Description of your data; list of questions your experiments are designed to answer

o    Details of the experiments; observations



Poster Presentation:

Each team will present its project. Each presentation is limited to 10 minute presentation and 5 minute for question and answer. All team members should be present during the presentation time and be ready to answer questions. The presentation session will be open to everybody.