Pulickel M. Ajayan
— Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

— B. Tech., Metallurgical Engineering, Banaras Hindu University, India, 1985
— Ph. D., Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 1989

Career Highlights:

Dr. Ajayan has been a member of the Rensselaer materials science and engineering department since 1997. He previously spent two years at the Max-Planck-Institute for Metallforschung in Stuttgart. He left there in 1997 to join the Universite of Paris-Orsay for two years, then spent three years in Tsukuba, Japan as a post-doctoral researcher for the company's fundamental research laboratory. Ajayan is an editorial board member for the following publications: Advanced Materials, Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde, TIP Revista Especialzada en Ciencias Quimco-Biologicas and Journal of Science and Nanotechnology. He won the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 1998, the Burton Award from the Microscopy Society of America in 1997, and the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship in 1995. Ajayan also was awarded the Presidential Student Award from the Electron Microscopy Society of America in 1989; the Hadfield Medal for Outstanding Metallurgist in Calcutta, India in 1985; and the Bachelor of Technology Gold Medal from Banaras Hindu University in 1985.

Research Areas:
Professor Ajayan's research interests are mainly focused on the synthesis of nanostructures, the study of their structure and properties in relation to size and confinement. He is one of the pioneers in the field of carbon nanotubes and has demonstrated several possibilities for using these quasi-one-dimensional structures as templates and molds for fabricating nanowires, composites, and novel ceramic fibers. Major goals of his research include producing macro-assemblies made of nanostructures for applications, understanding growth mechanisms of nanostructures and designing new structures and multifunctional nanocomposites. Other research interests are phase stability in metal clusters, the graphite-diamond phase transition, and growth of nanostructures under electron irradiation. He has expertise in different electron microscopy techniques.

Research Team:
Visiting Scholar
Robert Vajtai*

Post-doctoral Students
Anyuan Cao
Susana Trasobores
Bingqing Wei*

Graduate Students
Nirupama Chakrapani*
Yoon Choi
Yung Joon Jung
Emer Lahiff
Rory Leahy
John Nugent
Nachiket Raravikar*
Jonathan Ward

Undergraduate Student
Lukas McMichael

Shay Curran*

*NSEC staff

Selected Publications:
H.W. Zhu, C.L. Xu, D.H. Wu, B.Q. Wei, R. Vajtai, and P.M. Ajayan, "Direct Synthesis of Long Nanotube Strands," Science, 296, 884-886 (2002).

P.M. Ajayan, M. Terrones, A. de la Guardia, V. Huc, N. Grobert, B.Q. Wei, H. Lezec, G. Ramanath, and T.W. Ebbesen, "Nanotubes in a Flash — Ignition and Reconstruction," Science, 296, 705 (2002).

B.Q. Wei, R. Vajtai, Y. Jung, J. Ward, Y. Zhang, G. Ramanath, and P.M. Ajayan, "Organized Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes," Nature, 416, 495-496 (2002).

P.M. Ajayan, "Nanotubes from Carbon," Chemical Reviews, 99, 1787, 1999.

P.M. Ajayan, O. Stephan, C. Colliex, and D. Trauth, "Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays Formed by Cutting a Polymer Resin-Nanotube Composite," Science, 265, 1212, 1994.

P.M. Ajayan, T.W. Ebbesen, T. Ichihashi, S. Iijima, K. Tanigaki, and H. Hiura, "Opening Carbon Nanotubes with Oxygen and Implications for Filling," Nature, 362, 522, 1993.

P.M. Ajayan and S. Iijima, "Capillarity-Induced Filling of Carbon Nanotubes," Nature, 361, 333, 1993.

S. Iijima, P.M. Ajayan, and T. Ichihashi, "Growth Model for Carbon Nanotubes," Physical Review Letters, 69, 3100, 1992.

T.W. Ebbesen and P.M. Ajayan, "Large Scale Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes," Nature, 358, 220, 1992.

P.M. Ajayan and L.D. Marks, "Evidence for Sinking of Small Particles into Substrates and Implications for Heterogeneous Catalysis," Nature, 338, 139, 1989.

Contact Information:
P.M. Ajayan
112 Materials Research Center
(518) 276-2322

e-Mail: ajayan@rpi.edu

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