Toh-Ming Lu
— Ray Palmer Baker Distinguished Professor of Physics
— Director, Center for Advanced Interconnect Systems Technologies
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

— Ph.D., Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1976
— M.S., Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1971
— B.S., Physics, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 1968

Career Highlights:
Lu is the director of the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Center for Advanced Interconnect Systems Technologies, through which 25 faculty and 45 graduate students from 13 universities are researching advanced interconnects. He previously served as the chairman of the Physics Department at Rensselaer from 1992 to 1997. Lu is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Vacuum Society. He has earned numerous other honors, including Rensselaer's Early Career Award in 1986, the SRC Invention Award in 1988, the Rensselaer Center for Integrated Electronics Faculty Award in 1993, and the Williams Wiley Distinguished Faculty Award in 2002.

Seventeen of his 26 former doctoral students have earned best thesis/paper awards. Major semiconductor related companies such as IBM, Intel, AMD, Motorola, MA/COM, Analog, Eaton, and GE, as well as government laboratories have hired Lu's former students.

Research Areas:
Lu's recent interests include the growth and characterization of nano-photonic structures for integrated optics applications; physical self-assembly of 3D nanostructures that possess large photonic bandgap; measurements of mechanical properties of isolated nanostructures; interfacial activation of dielectric surface for advanced metallization; atomic layer deposition of metal on dielectric surfaces using metallorganic precursors; and real-time diffraction measurements of thin film microstructures during growth.

Selected Publications:
Y.-C. Chen, N.R. Raravikar, Y.-P. Zhao, L.S. Schadler, P.M. Ajayan, T.-M. Lu, G.-C. Wang, and X.-C. Zhang, "Ultrafast Optical Switch Properties of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites at 1.55µm," Applied Physics Letters,
81, 975, (2002).

Y.-P. Zhao, D.-X. Ye, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. Lu, "Novel Nano-Column and Nano-Flower Arrays by Glancing Angle Deposition," Nano Letters, 2, 351, (2002).

Y.-P. Zhao, D.-X. Ye, P.-I. Wang, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. Lu, "Fabrication of Si Nano-Columns and Si Square Spirals on Self-assembled Monolayer Colloid Substrates," International Journal of Nanoscience, 1, 87, (2002).

J. Senkevich, B. Li, G.-R. Yang, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. Lu, "Copper Wetting of a Tetrasulfide Self-Assembled Monolayer," Journal of Electrochemical and Solid State Letters, 5, C94, (2002).

D.-X. Ye, Y.-P. Zhao, G.-R. Yang, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. Lu, "Manipulating the Column Tilt Angles of Nanocolumnar Films by Glancing-Angle Deposition," Nanotechnology, 13, 615, (2002).

J.P. Singh, G.R. Yang, T.-M. Lu, and G.-C. Wang, "Retardation of Oxidation in Co Nano Columns," Applied Physics Letters, 81, 4601, (2002).

S.L. Lee, D. Windover, T.-M. Lu, and M. Audino, "In-situ Phase Evolution Study in Magnetron Sputtered Tantalum Thin Films," Thin Solid Films, 420-421, 287, (2002).

T. Karabacak, Y.-P. Zhao, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. Lu, "Growth Front Roughening in Silicon Nitride Films by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition," Physical Review B, 66, 075329/1, (2002).

A. Mallikarjunan, S.P. Murarka, and T.-M. Lu, "Mobile Ion Detection in Organosiloxane Polymer Using Triangular Voltage Sweep," Journal of Electrochemical Society, 149, F155, (2002).

J.B. Fortin and T.-M. Lu, "A Model for the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Poly(para-xylylene) (Parylene) Thin Films," Chemistry of Materials, 14, 1945, (2002).

Contact Information:
Toh-Ming Lu
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, N.Y. 12180-3590
(518) 276-2979

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