Photonic Links

Researchers within the Center for Broadband Data Transport Science and Technology are developing computer-assisted design (CAD) tools for electronic and photonic devices that allow designers to predict and optimize the performance of optoelectronic circuits and systems for broadband data transport. Members' synergistic research also includes development of optoelectronic components ranging from wave-guides on chip to vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs).

Center researchers also are creating high-speed photonic emitters for integration with silicon (Si) and/or silicon germanium (SiGe) electronics. Such emitters will result in faster links and reduced power consumption – as well as potentially unlimited information flow. Through this revolutionary technology, Internet speed, for example, would become up to a million times faster than the most rapid access currently available.

Other research focuses on SiGe heterobipolar transistor (HBT) bipolar complementary metal oxide semiconductor (BiCMOS) design and its applications to wireless circuits; ultra wide band, high-speed processor design; landed Internet circuits; asynchronous circuits; and single-event upset (SEU) tolerant SiGe circuit design.

Researchers also are studying novel quantum confined structures with increased electron correlation and electron-optical coupling; new lattice-matched heterostructures broadening the spectral range of the light emitters; design and implementation of optoelectronic devices based on quantum confined active medium and optical micro- and nanocavities; and hybrid integration technologies suitable for transferring massively-parallel III-V arrays of devices onto silicon platforms.

For more information on the Center's work in Photonic Links, please contact:

Dr. Michael Shur, Director
(518) 276-2201

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