From Fri May 12 16:42:01 1995
Date: Fri, 12 May 95 16:41:58 EDT
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Subject: Mentor Installation - Problem with Browser
Status: RO

>     I was successfull in getting Mentor up and running.  I left
>the license server demon running, but if the system is shut down,
>it won't come back on.  Dave King would like me to go through
>Graham Doig before modifying any system initialization files.
>I've sent mail to Graham as he suggested, and as soon as Graham 
>replies, we can fix that.
>     I had to change paths and other environment variables to
>get the system to work, but I did it locally in my ~/.login
>file.  If someone else sets theirs similarly, they should be
>able to start up Mentor apps and the documentation browser.
>The documentation itself is on CD and I left it mounted in the
>drive.  To start the browser, type the following in a  
>command tool:
>bold_browser -c -l /cdrom/inform_a.2_f
>     After a while, the browser will start, and you will be able
>to open documents(manuals), do searches, etc.  That particular 
>command tool you just used will be useless until the browser is 
>killed. (all mentor applications echo everything that happens 
>internally to stdout, in AMPLE script)
>     To start up the main tool, you would type:
>At a command tool.  This is for Design Manager, and it has icons
>inside it allowing you to start up all the other applications
>using the mouse.  It also has a file navigator which doesn't
>just show files,  it also shows design hierarchies inside single
>files as if they were directories.
>      Anyway, after Graham Doig contacts me, we can set it up
>so that all the accounts can start mentor.  On our EAMRI
>machine, I can even start them using the desktop menus.  I'll
>let you know when I hear from Graham.
>-Pete Curran

Hi Pete,

I tried to bring up mentor and was successful but couldn't
read the online manuals after trying to do what you have
mentioned abobe. The bold_browser comes back saying that
the server is not around. Did you get Graham to put
the server in the boot file?