Processor Design:

	My PhD Thesis is on the design and implementation of high speed RISC
processors.  The current implementation is a 32-bit integer engine running
at 1 Giga Hertz.  The processor is implemented using GaAs/AlGaAs
Hetero-junction Bipolar transistors (HBT).  The next processor will be
implemented using the SiGe BiCMOS processes at IBM.  The target speed for that
processor will exceed 10 GHz.  The focus of my work is to optimize the
performance of the processor using as few transistors as possible.  Unlike
CMOS processor which use millions of transistors per die, our resources are
limited to less then 50,000.

Teaching Assistant:

Computer Hardware Design (Fall '93, Fall '94, Fall '97)

Advanced Computer Hardware Design (Spring '94, Spring '96, Spring '97)

Digital Electronics (Spring '94)

FRISC Verification:

	My Masters thesis involved verifying the top level netlist of the
FRISC-G processor developed here at RPI.  This verification is done using 
the digital simulator contained in the Viewlogic CAD tools.

	The design is routed to a test bed of programmable
logic.  This test bed is provided by an APTIX board.  The APTIX
board provides programmable interconnect between up to 21
XILINX Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).  The original processor
has been partitioned into multiple chips due to the yield limited
nature of the technology.  These chips are then interconnected
using a high speed multichip module (MCM).  A gate to gate
mapping of each chip in the processor is mapped to one FPGA
on the APTIX board.  The MCM routing is then mapped to the 
Field Programmable Interconnect Components (FPIC) provided
on the APTIX board.  The result is a gate to gate mapping of
the actual design in a reconfigurable test bed.  This system
is then used for code development for the processor, and 
design verification.

	My thesis describing this will be online here in the
next few months.  Question sent to me by email will be happily


	It seems someone actually cares about the work I've 
done and has decided to publish it!

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