Embedded at-speed Testing Schemes with low Overhead for a 1 ns RISC CPU on a Multi-chip Module, submitted to IEEE Trans. Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology -Part B A very-wide-bandwidth digital vco using quadrature frequency multiplication and division implemented in AlGaAs/GaAs hbts, accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. VSLI Design Embedded at-speed Testing Schemes with low Overhead for High Speed Digital Systems on Multi-chip Modules, IEEE Innovative Systems in Silicon Conference, pg 210-216 A 16 GHz Fast RISC Engine using GaAs/AlGaAs and SiGe HBT Technology, Int. Conf. on Innovative Systems In Silicon, pg 72-81, Oct. 8 1997 A Very-Wide Bandwidth Digital VCO Implemented In GaAs HBT's Using Frequency Multiplication and Division, 17th Annual GaAs IC Symposium, Technical Digest, pg 311-314, Oct. 29 1995 Design Verification and Emulation of a Multichip High-Speed GaAs RISC Processor Using Soft-Programmable Logic, ASIC Conference and Exhibit, pg 49-52, Sept. 25 1995 A High Bandwidth Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) with a Frequency-Multiplied/Divided Range of .25-25 GHz Implemented in a GaAs HBT Process, ASIC Conference and Exhibit, pg 164-166, Sept. 25 1995
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