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Welcome to my living room. Unfortunately, of course, it is difficult to replicate the comfortable hominess of your living room electronically, but luckily the same does not apply for the geeky weirdness of my own living room. And, of course, this is my living room.
Idiot Box
Over by the bookcase you'll find some more pedestrian entertainment on the 19" Magnavox T.V.
Currently showing:

Gosh, I hate advertisements. And now they're all over the net. Wanna know who to boycott and why? Check out the Cheesy Commercialization Homepage. Your time might be better spent humming a few TV Theme Songs.
Turn Up the Dial
When you're through rotting your brain with TV...

Rag Rack
I confess that I'm addicted to all sorts of trashy magazines. And they are usually scattered haphazardly about my apartment, creating a fire hazard. Poke around and check out the news, comics, or slightly more geeky content.
People like to lounge around in my living room. People like
Evilboy and New-Guy
And who's that over there? Why, it's a woman who is using the power of html for good instead of evil! It's Lisa Schmeiser! Of course, we have visitors from far and wide.
The Bookshelf
As usual, in my living room, you will find an abundance of reading material scattered about more or less at random. Darn it, I thought I put that
resumé away!

If you want something a little longer to read, there's The Case of the Disappearing Dinmore. I wrote it myself, many years ago.

Okay, some real books, too. computer book?

A nice canonical list of everything about books, including literary journals, typography, and literature.

Leaving the House
Sometimes I actually leave the house and don't go to work. So what do I do? Well,
concerts are nice.

Maybe I should stop watching TV and go outside and play some baseball. I'm sorta tall, though - maybe I should play basketball instead.

For some weirdness, how about a visit to Tarantinoworld? As long as we're on the subject of movies, Miramax makes some neat movies.

I like to spend the money I don't have, too.

How about a restaurant with nice...atmosphere. Hooters!

If you can't decide where to go, check out the world map. Or maybe just look in the Yellow Pages for something to do.

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