First and foremost, I have to thank my family (both immediate and extended) and especially my parents for their unwavering support and occasional admonition (every Ph.D. student is asked "So when are you going to finish?" much too often). My friends in accokeek (Joey, Jon, Roger, Derek, Martin, Billy, Cris, Dave, Mark, Ian, and of course The D's) also deserve special recognition for providing a place of refuge when things weren't going well.

Rensselaer is a unique place with high expectations and a relatively small population, consequently students for closer friendships within the rpi crucible than I've seen at other institutions. I'd like to thank those with whom I've celebrated and commiserated, namely my ski club companions and all the members of the unofficial flintstone family. I also must thank my advisor, Jack McDonald, for providing me with the opportunity and means to work with cutting-edge technology, Hans Greub for his patient tutelage in analog circuit design, and my committee, Yannick Le Coz, Arjun Saxena, and John Corelli for their invaluable advice and contributions. Ralph Iverson also deserves recognition for his help and support. And finally, my fellow FRISCers, Atul Garg, Sam Steidl, Cliff Maier, and Steve Carlough, deserve special thanks for their constant help, support and tolerance as we struggled to meet what often seemed to be impossible goals. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

This work was funded in part under Advanced Research Projects Agency contract numbers DAAL03-90G-0187, DAAH04-93G-0477, and AASERT award DAAL03-92G-0307 (I guess I should also thank Uncle Sam since Troy was his home…)