Lab Members

Lab Director

Qiang Ji

Current PhD Students

Rui Zhao

Kang Wang

Zijun Cui

Xiangyang Mou

Lisha Chen

Current MS Students

Keyi Liu

Steve Sperazza

Previous PhD Students

  • Yue Wu, December 2016

    Research Scientist, Tesla (Autopilot)

  • Siqi Nie, December 2016

    Research Scientist, Facebook

  • Tian Gao, May 2016

    Research Scientist, IBM Watson

  • Ziheng Wang, August 2015

    Research Scientist, Facebook (Oculus)

  • Xiaoyang Wang, May 2015

    Researcher, Bell Lab

  • Zuoguan Wang, September 2012

    Research Scientist, 3M

  • Jixu Chen, April 2011

    Research Scientist, GE Global Research

  • Lei Zhang, May 2009

    Researcher, HRL Laboratories

  • Yan Tong, December 2007

    Associate Professor, U of South Carolina

  • Wenhui Liao, December 2006

    Researcher, Thomson Corporation

  • Peng Wang, December 2005

    Research Scientist, Google

  • Zhiwei Zhu, December 2005

    Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sarnoff

  • Ming Jiang, December 2005

    Senior Algorithm Developer, KLA Tencor, CA

  • Yongmian Zhang, 2003

    Research Scientist at Konica

Previous Jointly Supervised Visiting Ph.D Students

  • Wanru Xu, September 2017

    Beijing Jiaotong University, China

  • Yong Zhang, September 2017

    Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Chao Gou, December 2016

    Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Baoyuan Wu, June 2014

    Tencent AI Lab

  • Zhilei Liu, May 2014

    Assistant Professor, Tianjin University, China

  • Yongqiang Li, October 2013

    Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Previous Post Docs

  • Yang Wang

    now at National ICT International

  • Yongmian Zhang

    Research Scientist at Etreppid

  • Tathieu Nguyen

    Researcher, Utopiacompression

  • Jie Zou

    now at National Library of Medicine

  • Haisong Gu

    now at University of Nevada Reno

  • Xiangyang Li

    now at University of Michigan Dearborn

  • Minyoung Kim

    now at CMU

  • Cassio P. de Campos

    now at Queen's University Belfast

  • Keshu Zhang

    now at Motorola

  • Weihong Wang

    now a research scientist at MERL

  • Soochan Kim

    now at Hankyong National University

Previous MS Students

  • Yan Tong

  • William Maio

  • Zhiwei Zhu

  • Songtao Dai

  • Yonghong Xie

  • Rong Hu