Human Detection, Tracking, and Activity Understanding

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1. Introduction

The Intelligent Systems Laboratory at RPI has long performed research related to human activity modeling and recognition. Specifically, we have performed research in face detection and tracking, human detection and tracking, human activity modeling and recognition. These efforts have led to algorithms and software for real time multi-view face detection and tracking, multi-target human body detection and tracking, human action and facial activity recognition.

Our recent efforts include person-object activity/event recognition (DARPA VIRAT program), complex activity recognition (DARPA PerSEAS), persistent detection, tracking and activity recognition of dismounts (sponsored by Army Research Office) and face recognition from distance for maritime applications (Sponsored by ONR). Our efforts in these areas have been supported by different governmental agencies including DARPA, ARO, ONR, AFOSR, and NSF.

2. Most Related Projects:

3. Other Related Projects:

4. Activity/action recognition datasets

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