COURSE SUMMARY 9/29/92 PROFESSOR : John F. McDonald Office - CII 6211, x2919, email: LECTURES : 12:30 - 1:50 pm, Tue & Thu, Room TR 203 LABS : CII 6116 (Some use of CAD tools in adjacent lab) To be arranged, 3 hour segments, 3 students to a group OBJECTIVES : To familiarize the student with basic principles of good digital design. Practical familiarization with common TTL and MOS integrated circuits. Importance of signal integrity, power conditioning, and noise margins in the presence of switching noise, especially in bus environments (transmission line effects). Familiarization with DEC LSI-11, ÁVAX, ALPHA and M68020 architectures. UNIBUS and QBUS asynchronous bus protocols. Program transfer, interrupt driven and DMA data I/O. Memory management. Packaging issues, heat removal. TEXTS : 1) H. S. Stone, "Microcomputer Interfacing", Addison Wesley, 1982. 2) DEC, "PDP-11 Systems Handbook", (Covers UNIBUS, QBUS, and ODT). 3) DEC, "PDP-11 Architecture Handbook", (Covers Instruction Set). 4) Texas Instruments, "TTL Data Book", (Covers basic 74 series IC's). 5) Sebesta, R.W., "VAX-11, Structured Assembly Language Programming", Addison-Wesley,1984 (Optional Reading).