Signal Analysis and Machine Perception Laboratory

Directed by Professor Kim L. Boyer
Department of ECSE
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Lab director: Kim L. Boyer, Ph.D.

Fellow IEEE, Fellow IAPR
Jefferson Science Fellow, US Dept. of State

Prof. Kim L. Boyer's research interests cover all aspects of computer vision and medical image analysis, especially perceptual organization, object recognition, graph theoretical methods, stereopsis in weakly constrained environments, optimal feature extraction, large modelbases, range data analysis, and robust methods.

Current Students

Di Lu

Quan Wang

Xinchi Zhang

Eran Swears

Previous Students

Dijia Wu

Cem √únsalan

Zack Schilling

Dara Koozekanani

Sudeep Sarkar

Jun Kong


Active Geometric Shape Models

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COSBOS: COlor-Sensor-Based Occupancy Sensing

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