General Information

I am currently advising students from the class of 2013. My office hours in FALL 2012 are: Monday, Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm.

My contact information is listed on the main page. The best way to contact me is to send an email with your question or concern.


Downloadable Material

Click on the links below to download some advising material:

  • The slides from the advising meeting on September 8th 2009.

  • Some learning tips from ALAC.

  • Where to go for answers to your questions or concerns.

  • Four-year planning tips from the Career Development Center.

  • The slides from 6th week advising meeting on October 6th 2009.

  • The slides from 3rd Advising Meeting on November 3rd 2009.

  • The slides from 4th Advising Meeting on March 23rd 2009.

  • Prerequisite trees for EE and CSYS programs

  • The slides from SPRING 2011 meeting (March 22nd, 2011).