Download: Publications and Demos

1. Peng Wang and Qiang Ji, "Learning Discriminant Features for Multi-View Face and Eye Detection",

 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), San Diego, CA, June 2005

2. Peng Wang, Matthew B. Green, Qiang Ji and James Wayman, "Automatic Eye Detection and Its Validation" , 

IEEE Workshop on Face Recognition Grand Challenge Experiments (with CVPR), San Diego, CA, June 2005

3. Peng Wang, Qiang Ji, "Multi-View Face Tracking with Factorial and Switching HMM", IEEE Workshop on

Application of Computer Vision, 2005 [pdf]

4. Peng Wang, Qiang Ji, "Multi-View Face Detection under Complex Scene based on Combined

SVMs",  IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2004 [pdf]

5. Edward Andrew Carlson, "dynamic tracking tracking of multiple people", Master Thesis, RPI [pdf]

6. Andrew Janowczyk,  "Adaptive background modeling for human tracking", Master Thesis, RPI [pdf]


Face pose tracking:  
Face and eye detection:
[single person]  [multiple person]
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