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Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ                                               1.2005-6.2005

Co-op Engineer

n     Multitasked in medical image analysis: evaluating computer-aided diagnosis algorithms, GUI programming in Visual C++, rapid prototyping of research softwares, pre-processing and segmentation of images of multiple modalities.  

Precision Valve & Automation, Halfmoon, NY                                                Summer 2002

Co-op Software Engineer

n     Developed visual servo software for dispensing robot: designed and implemented image acquisition, camera calibration and pattern matching in LabVIEW, and integrated the vision feedback with motion control module. Software in production use.

Heilongjiang Telecom. Technology Support Center, Harbin, China                      1997-2000

Software Engineer

n     Developed workflow management applications with Collaboration Data Object on Microsoft Exchange platform, designed the binary decision diagram based workflow engine that streamlines document routing with user defined rule templates.

n     Implemented telecommunication infrastructure management information systems, mapped the network structures into relational database, wrote database triggers and front-end Java code, created dynamic web based report using Business Object tools.

n     Led the development of a cargo fleet management information system, analysed user requirements and designed the multi-tier system architecture, wrote Java applet and active server pages to manipulate data in the database, wrote VB and SQL code to create query and report.


Independent Consulting                                                                                   1996-1999

n     Developed a 2-D profile CAD/CAM application for CNC machine tool. Designed the data structures and algorithms for the geometrical entities, implemented the application in Visual C++.  The software generates machine tool control programs based on the input AutoCAD files.

n     Developed a 256-channel stage lighting control system in Visual C++. The system allows online recording and offline editing of complex lighting patterns and then controls the lighting effects by communicating with the distributed peripherals. System installed on multiple commercial sites.

Attribute Oriented Technology, Harbin, China                                                    1996-1997

Software Developer

n     Performed ATL programming in Visual C++ to implement an Internet Explorer extension: extract text from the hypertext displayed in the browser and read the text using Microsoft agent. 

n     Wrote context menu extensions in Visual C ++ by implementing the IContextMenu interface, wrote the code to respond to user input and the code to register the extension so that it can be connected with the shell object.



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