Lab Members

Lab Director

Qiang Ji

Current Ph.D. Students

Zijun Cui

Xiangyang Mou

Lisha Chen

Yufei Zhang

Xihe Yang

Hongji Guo

Hanjing Wang

Naiyu Yin

Chenyi Kuang

Bashirul Azam Biswas

Visiting Ph.D. Students

Tengfei Song

Previous Ph.D. Students

Kang Wang, April 2019

Computer Vision Scientist, Nvidia

Rui Zhao, December 2018

Research Scientist, Amazon

Yue Wu, December 2016

Computer Vision Scientist, Nvidia

Siqi Nie, December 2016

Research Scientist, Facebook

Tian Gao, May 2016

Research Scientist, IBM Watson

Ziheng Wang, August 2015

Research Scientist, Facebook

Xiaoyang Wang, May 2015

Researcher, Bell Lab

Zuoguan Wang, September 2012

Research Scientist, 3M

Jixu Chen, April 2011

Research Scientist, Facebook (Oculus)

Lei Zhang, May 2009

Researcher, HRL Laboratories

Yan Tong, December 2007

Associate Professor, University of South Carolina

Wenhui Liao, December 2006

Researcher, Thomson Corporation

Peng Wang, December 2005

Research Scientist, Google

Zhiwei Zhu, December 2005

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sarnoff

Ming Jiang, December 2005

Senior Algorithm Developer, KLA Tencor

Yongmian Zhang, 2003

Research Scientist, Konica

Previous Jointly Supervised Visiting Ph.D. Students

Wanru Xu, September 2017

Assistant Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Yong Zhang, September 2017

Tencent AI Lab

Chao Gou, January 2017

Assistant Professor, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Baoyuan Wu, June 2014

Tencent AI Lab

Zhilei Liu, May 2014

Assistant Professor, Tianjin University, China

Yongqiang Li, October 2013

Assistant Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Previous Post Docs

Yang Wang

now at National ICT International

Yongmian Zhang

now a Research Scientist at Etreppid

Tathieu Nguyen

now a Researcher, Utopiacompression

Jie Zou

now at National Library of Medicine

Haisong Gu

now at University of Nevada, Reno

Xiangyang Li

now at University of Michigan, Dearborn

Minyoung Kim

now at CMU

Cassio P. de Campos

now at Queen's University, Belfast

Keshu Zhang

now at Motorola

Weihong Wang

now a Research scientist at MERL

Soochan Kim

now at Hankyong National University

Previous M.S. Students

Steve Sperazza

Wenxin Shao

Andrew Janowczyk

Xiaojie Yang

William Maio

Songtao Dai

Yonghong Xie

Rong Hu