1) The Method of Inversive Geometry:
       We place a spherical cage in the desert and enter it.
  We then perform an inverse operation with respect to the
  cage. The lion is then inside the cage and we are outside.
  2) The Set Theoretic Method:
       We observe that the desert is a separable space.
  It therefore contains an enumerable dense set of points
  from which can be extracted a sequence having the lion as the
  limit. We then approach the lion stealthily along this
  sequence bearing with us suitable equipment.
  3) Topological Method:
       We observe that the lion has at least the
  connectivity of the torus. We transport the desert
  into four-space. It is then possible to carry out
  such a deformation that the lion can be returned
  to 3-space in a knotted condition.  He is then helpless.
  4) The Dirac Method:
       We observe that wild lions are ipso facto not
  observable in the Sahara desert. Consequently, if there
  are any lions in Sahara, then they are tame. The capture
  of a tame lion is left as an exercise for the reader.
  5) The Thermodynamic Method:
       We construct a semi-permeable membrane which is
  permeable to everything except lions and sweep it across the
  6) The Schrodinger Method:
       At any given moment there is a positive probability
  that there is a lion in the cage. Sit down and wait.
  7) Heisenberg Method:
       You will disturb the Lion when you observe it
  before capturing. So Keep your eyes closed.
  8) Einstein Method:
       Run in the direction opposite to that of the lion.
  The relative velocity makes the lion run faster and hence
  it feels heavier and gets tired.