Journey of Decisions

From Harriet Heming’s point of view


Being enslaved and held captive

Is that how it really is?

To accept the freedom I’m granted

Or act like I truly am his?


A long journey lies ahead

Whether I go, or stay

The decision looms far above

Though I just want to turn the right way!


Taking freedom is leaving some, too

My heritage will remain behind

Can I still carry through

Although the new me’s not quite mine?


For twenty-one years I’ve been safe

For twenty-one years, content

Now I’m about to leave

A thought which I truly resent


Becoming a white, no longer a black

Is that how it’s meant to be?

Turning my back on my people

To achieve my own safety


I need a future, that future is here

I’m accepting my right to be free

My life shall become my own

If it means changing entirely


                                                          By: Rebecca Lee Kraft