Mammy’s Advice

A collection of what they believed. These are quotes from the fictional character Mammy Ursala, who gave out concoctions, spells, and advice.




A witch can transform into any animal she chooses, beast or bird


A witch can creep through a keyhole.


If a rabbit crosses your path, it changes your luck.


If you set out on a journey and a hooty owl screeches on your left side, return and set out again or expect bad things to happen.


When you first hear a whippoorwill in the spring, turn head over heels three times to prevent backache all year long.


Fresh cow dung mixed with red pepper and white people’s hair cooked over the fire until it’s a snuff sprinkled around you in a circle prevents others from following.


If you don’t speak some words, they take a life of their own and come back to spook you.


Cure a headache with worm wood tea. Laudanum, if it worsens.


Don’t bleed for colic.


Powders of rhubarb and ipecac cure dysentary.


Mix rum, onions, and cornmeal for burns.