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 LateSummer News
Holiday Lunch
Sarah B. Kraft

On June 17, 2001, the Krafts and the Palmers got together for a late afternoon lunch. The Krafts included Russell, Merry, Rebecca, Sarah, and Deborah. The Palmers included Ed and Barbara, The Kraft's grandparents. Together we went to the Old Country Buffet. Afterwards, we took pictures and the Palmers looked at our new car.

Krafts & Palmers
See any Boogers?
What is this? Is it an alien from outer space? Is it the cover picture for an Unsolved Mysteries book? Well, both of those answers are wrong. This is really a picture of House Mom and part time Health teacher Merry Kraft.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? are the questions that everyone is asking. We already know the who - Merry Kraft. What - Her nose. Where - on her face. When - June 17. Why - no idea. And last but not least how. This question we still don't have an answer for. Maybe it was candid camera, or maybe Merry stepped on a camera, which made it go off and take a picture. If either of those aren't the reason, we don't know how we got this picture.
Long Lost Twins?
Sarah B. Kraft
Rebecca and Sarah Kraft have recently noticed how much alike they are - they're almost alike enough to be twins! Although they are two years apart in age, they're almost exactly the same height. Even though neither of them think they look anything alike, lots of times people mistake one for the other!