• Introduction
  • Powerpoint summary of our fatigue monitoring research
  • Publications
  • Demos
  • ITSC 2004 Invited Session on Real Time and Non-intrusive Driver Status Monitoring
  • Media Coverage
  • Eye Tracking Results
  • Funding Agencies
    NASA Human Factor
  • Fatigue Monitoring (Eye Tracking) Related Companies
  • SMI
    LC Technologies
    Seeing Machines
    Applied Science Laboratories
    Dual Purkinje-Image (DPI) Eyetracker
    Attention Technology
  • Related Papers, publications, and Websites
  • Online Eye Tracking Resources
    Eyes-Tea Boston
    Face detection and recognition home page
    Face detection resources
    Fatigue Resource Directory
    Human Factors Research in Railroad Operations
    Fatigue References
    Machine Vision in Transportation
    CMU Driver Vigilance and Fatigue Monitoring Study
    UIUC Advanced Displays and Interactive Displays Laboratory
    Video Monitoring for HCI
    NASA Statement on Pilot Fatigue
    Fatigue Research Review 1
    Fatigue Research Review 2
    Visual Ergonomics Research
    National Sleep Foundation: Drive Alert Drive
    Victims of Irresponsible Drowsy Driving (VOIDD)
    National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA)
    NYS Traffic Safety Committee's Web Page on Drowsy Driving
    Vehicle control and drowsiness
    Drowsy driver deterent Site Meter