About the “www-Light-Emitting-Diodes-dot-org web site


The “Light-Emitting-Diodes-dot-org” web site is intended to be a useful and comprehensive resource of technical information for people working in the field of LEDs. Light-emitting diodes are the most common semiconductor light source with literally thousands of applications.


The research group of E. Fred Schubert at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute maintains this web site and is grateful for any suggestions and materials that customers of our site can provide to enhance the usefulness of the “Light-Emitting-Diodes-dot-org” web site.


The web site contains detailed technical information on many aspects of LEDs and offers a short course on “LEDs and Solid-State Lighting”.


Enjoy your visit of the “Light-Emitting-Diodes-dot-org” web site.