Chapter 3: Theory of radiative recombination (click on figure for full-size image).

Fig. 3.1.Illustration of distance and elapsed time between a photon generation and absorption event. Fig. 3.2. Carrier distri-bution at (a) low and (b) high temperatures. Recombination probability decreases at high temperatures due to reduced number of carriers per dk interval.
Fig. 3.3. Carrier distribution in (a) non-degenerately and (b) degenerately doped p-type semiconductor. Degenerate doping does not increase overlap between electrons and holes with equal momentum. Fig. 3.4. Calculated spontaneous recombination rate in GaN at 300 K as a function of p-type doping concentration using a classical and quantum mechanical approach. The quantum mechanical approach (employing ri-gorous k selection) ex-hibits saturation in the degenerate doping re-gime (after Waldron, 2002).
Fig. 3.5. Spontaneous emission, induced absorption, and induced emission events in the two-level atom model.