Chapter 13: Ultraviolet LEDs (click on figure for full-size image)

Fig. 13.1. Bandgap energy versus lattice constant of III-V nitride semiconductors at room temperature (bowing parameters after Siozade et al., 2000; Yun et al., 2002; Wu et al., 2003). Fig. 13.2. Layer structure of GaInN UV LED grown on saphire substrate emitting at 370 nm (after Mukai et al., 1998).
Fig. 13.3. Room temperature emission spectrum of commercial 375nm UV LED (Nichia Corp.) under cw and pulsed condition. Fig. 13.4. Room temperature emission intensity as a function of GaInN active layer thickness for double heterostructure UV LEDs emitting at 375nm (after Mukai et al., 1998).
Fig. 13.5. Schematic band diagram of (a) thin and (b) thick AlGaN/GaN active region with poalization fields for Ga-face growth (substrate on right-hand side). Fig. 13.6. Room temperature intensity as a function of emission wavelength for GaInN double heterostructure UV LEDs (after Mukai et al., 1998).